Quantum Information
Computing Science &
Technology, QuICST

The CoE-QuICST is the hub for quantum science and technology (QST) research and education in IIT Bombay. Given the multi-disciplinary landscape of this burgeoning field, the CoE-QuICST brings together a diverse team of experts, from both science and engineering departments of IIT Bombay, to foster a multi-faceted QST research and development (R&D) ecosystem. Our research teams encompass all the major pillars of quantum technologies from the fundamental to the applied, from quantum information science theory to quantum-enabled and quantum-adjacent technology development.  Apart from leading a robust R&D effort, the centre strives to impart an equally strong academic and outreach program, geared toward capacity building in QST, within the country. For further details, please browse through our Research, Academics and Outreach pages.

Prof. Subhasis Chaudhuri
June 2022

Message from the Director, IIT Bombay

By harnessing the power of “Quantum”, for computing, communication, sensing, energy storage, nanomechanical systems and biology, the next few decades are poised to bring about a scientific and industrial revolution which will critically intersect our strategic interests and social welfare. The path to excellence in quantum technologies can only be paved by close collaboration between experts from different domains, such as Quantum Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Material Science, Electronics, and Cryogenics. While IIT Bombay has an excellent research and education track-record in each of these areas of science and engineering, the CoE-QuICST is envisioned to amalgamate this diverse set of expertise, to contribute in a systematic manner, to the National Mission on Quantum Technologies and Applications.