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Prof. Bhaskaran has been selected as Invited Speaker and Symposium Co-Chair at APS March Meeting 2024
In a significant recognition of his contributions, Prof. Bhaskaran has been selected as an Invited Speaker at the upcoming APS March Meeting 2024 at a focus session ( ). His talk will be based on many of their recent explorations in the field of topological electronics: which deals with the harnessing of quantum materials for device functionalities. The prestigious event, organized by the American Physical Society, is renowned for its gathering of leading researchers and scientists from around the globe. In addition to his speaking engagement, Prof. Bhaskaran has also been appointed as a co-chair of a special symposium titled "Spin valley qubits in 2D materials" ( ). This symposium, chosen through a rigorous selection process, will serve as a platform to explore the cutting-edge developments in quantum technology. Stay tuned for more updates as Prof. Bhaskaran takes the stage at the APS March Meeting 2024 to share his insights and shape the future of quantum technology.
Prof. Sai Vinjanampathy Receives Prestigious Research Excellence Award!
Professor Sai Vinjanampathy, a young researcher in the Physics Department at IIT Bombay and a core committee member of the CoE-QuICST, has been recognized for his outstanding achievements with a Research Excellence Award instituted by the Class of 1973 as part of their golden jubilee reunion celebrations. This award, valued at one lakh rupees, over five years, seeks to nurture a vibrant research culture within the institute. Professor Vinjanampathy is among the first 16 recipients chosen across diverse academic units at IITB, highlighting his significant contributions to his field. The institute community joins in celebrating this well-deserved recognition and looks forward to witness Professor Vinjanampathy's continued journey of impactful research contributions.
NQM opens Call for Pre-Proposals for Setting up Thematic Hubs (T-Hubs)
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Colloquium by Prof. Michael Fuhrer
Hall 22, VMCC, IIT Bombay
Professor Michael Fuhrer from Monash University will be visiting next week, from November 16th to 17th. Don't miss his talk at VMCC Room 22 on November 17th (Friday) at 11 AM.
17th November, 2023
Colloquium by Prof. Sir Michael Pepper
PC Saxena Auditorium, IIT Bombay
Prof. Sir Michael Pepper will visit IIT Bombay on November 6, 2023. He'll interact with students, post-docs, and faculty, delivering a talk at PC Saxena Auditorium from 3 PM.
06th Nov, 2023
Our latest research from Professor Sai's group featured in Physics World !
The work explores the impact of competition and cooperation on the thermodynamic performance of quantum machines. It delves into the intricate interplay between these factors and how they influence the efficiency and behavior of quantum systems.
9th Oct, 2023
Congratulations to Prof. Kasturi Saha for being elected as INSA Associate Fellow 2023!
Prof. Kasturi Saha, a distinguished professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Bombay & a core committee member of the CoE-QuICST has made outstanding contributions to the emerging area of quantum technologies using Nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centres in diamond. She developed a quantum diamond microscope (QDM) demonstrating real time-varying magnetic fields with micro-meter spatial resolution for the first time, and an image reconstruction algorithm for NV centre-based magnetic resonance imaging. These techniques lay the foundations for exciting future experiments in quantum sensing. We congratulate her for this great achievement.
International Collaboration
CoE QuICST, IITB is now a part of Chicago Quantum Exchange (CQE) !
Quantum Mission Webinar Series
Quantum Sensors
1st September, 2023
Colloquium by Florian Marquardt
Room No. 21, VMCC Auditorium, IIT Bombay
Better Quantum Computers via Machine Learning
May 11, 2023
ICONS 2023
Prof. B. Nag Auditorium, VMCC, IITB
IITB Workshop on Quantum Science & Technology
February 17 & 18, 2023