Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay joined the Chicago Quantum Exchange as an international partner
      The CoE QuICST IIT Bombay is absolutely delighted to be formally a part of the prestigious Chicago Quantum Exchange (CQE) as an international partner. Both the White house and the Press Information Bureau (PIB) have jointly announced this.

Press Information Bureau (
Joint Statement from India and the United States | The White House

     In the backdrop of the U.S.-India initiative in Critical and Emerging Technology, the Chicago Quantum Exchange (CQE - an intellectual hub based at the University of Chicago with the goal of advancing academic and industrial efforts in the science and engineering of quantum information, it includes member universities and national labs, partners with several corporates and a few select international institutions) and the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB - one of India's premier academic institutions, spearheading major research and innovation in quantum technology aligned with India's National Quantum Mission) have signed an agreement in August 2023, for IITB to join the CQE as an International Partner. The research thrusts at CQE and IITB span core areas of quantum technology, viz. computing, communications, sensing, as well as associated physical, chemical, materials and engineering sciences. This partnership will open up opportunities for information exchange, research collaborations, and quantum education and workforce development across these areas. IITB and University of Chicago will leverage the collaborative opportunities with the CQE network to further the realization of most advanced quantum enabled computing, communication and sensing platforms. This is envisaged to give shape to a shared vision of a global quantum economy catalyzed by a bedrock of U.S.-India cooperation.
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